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    ... what could it be...

    yg24, where oh where are my hourly mutts updates?

    could it be, that, they're, falling FLAT ON THEIR FACES

    nah couldn't be... not w/ a brilliant, kool, respected, well liked, MORON of a manager like booby v manning the reigns...

    yg, must be busy so i'll help her out

    let me take a peek at the nl east...

    la da da da da da da....

    what's this?!? is that, the mutts, right above the lowly cellar dwelling phillies... the $90million dollar mutts... behind my $10million dollar expos... oh this pains my heart so, to see my cross town sisters suffer so...

    and looky here... bobby bo's batting .300 for the first place and headed to their gazzilionth str8 nleast crown chopheads... wasn't it that genuis manager groucho, uh, bobby v, who said bobby bo was dead weight... an expendable "has been"... so expendable he convinced phillips to pay him 6mil a year to LEAVE... pay him SIX MILLION DOLLARS so he could bat .300 for the chopheads... i mean i know i say i hate the mutts, but really i love em man... i haven't laughed so hard since they took my boys costanza and kramer off the air...

    and now they're trying to unload rickey... they put him on unconditional waivers to see if anyone will want him, knowing they can always pull him back in and then work a trade... but everyone under the sun knows, the mutts are not in the drivers seat here... i mean rickey will NOT play for groucho... what self respecting hof'r would play for a guy who'd don a friggin groucho marx "disguise" on NATIONAL tv, as if he was fooling someone... boy that bobby v's just a lil slow, (sure he ain't related to rockhead).

    anyway, so no team is gonna offer didly squat for a guy they all know the mutts HAVE to unload... they'll just wait em out... and so will rickey... oh yeah, this is much better than some stupid network sitcom

    more like a soap opera... "as the mutts crumble" boy, that bobby v's a ahelluva manager... wonder why he spent most of his career in japan where no one could understand a word he said...

    anyway yg24, don't sweat it, you can always write about the ex mutts like olerud, cedeno, dotel, bobby bo, and soon to be rickey henderson...

    go expos...

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    I may have to take over the MUTTs duty! YG24 is taking a loooong break and she wont be here for a while! So ansky, you may have to deal with ME! And we all know how much you fear me! Just try those MUTTS remarks on me! I gotta a 7 year old who loves that team! Anyway, I don't know what to do about the yg24, Mets thing. She is gone! And I have been very bad about my Cards updates! then again, the Mets are more fun then the Cards!

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    Well, the idiots won last night, but they are playing VERY bad baseball. He he he he he. Gotta love it. Even when I get whiney emails from friends about how bad they are. I still love it.

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    A guy I do business with, a diehard Mutts fan, told me he wants Valentine out! Seems Bobby put on a suicide squeeze at the wrong time in an effort to prove yet again what a genius he is. This is arrogance rewarded. I stand by my prediction that Bobby V will be gone by the All Star break. we'll have to find a new whipping boy - won't be hard.
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