I've even written this a-hole demanding that he get his information right - it's a disgrace that he gets paid by foxsports.com to put this sh*t out.

Where will Cubs 3B Aramis Ramierz end up? The Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles all fit the criteria. Even the New York Yankees might be players, figuring they could sign Ramirez, trade Alex Rodriguez and save about $13 million a year in the process. The ball is in Ramirez's court. ''I don't want to talk about that, man,'' Ramirez said Thursday. ''I let my agent handle that stuff. Of course, I want to wait until the end of the season, but that's what I pay my agent for. I relax and play, and he takes care of the rest.''
Yankees are only paying $14 million this year you dumb schmuck...time to drop another email.