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    Yankees ringtones


    I know there are Yankees ringtones at mlb.com. But not the one I'm looking for. Does anyone know where I might find the Yankees theme song "Here Come the Yankees" as a ringtone? (I have it as an mp3, but that doesn't work.)

    Thank you.

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    Re: Yankees ringtonrd

    ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd ringtonrd

    yeah that's my contribution for today.
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    Re: Yankees ringtonrd

    theres a website called not appropriate for this site, do a google for it, it specializes in yankee ringtones
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    Re: Yankees ringtonrd

    Quote Originally Posted by RhodeyYankee2638
    theres a website called not appropriate for this site, do a google for it, it specializes in yankee ringtones
    as does not appropriate for this site
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    Re: Yankees ringtonrd

    Thanks for nothing! I know what those sites are.

    I am asking a serious question, and you just act like clowns.

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    Re: Yankees ringtonrd

    Depending on what phone you have, you may be able to make your own ringtones.

    I made my own ringtone. For text messages I have a simple "The Yankees Win, THEEEE Yankees Win" as stated by John Sterling.

    What model phone do you have? The one that I made may work for you.

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    Re: Yankees ringtonrd

    Even if it's meant as a joke, we have underage users here and referring people to X-rated sites is not appropriate. Thanks.

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    Re: Yankees ringtones

    Sorry for putting on the thread twice. I re-did it because of the sicko replies that came in. (Not because of too few posts.) Again, my apologies.

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    Re: Yankees ringtones

    Well I posted in a link in the other thread, hope you saw it, and hope the thing actually works.
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    Re: Yankees ringtones

    Hey guys,

    Last night I made a short ringtone (~7 seconds) to be used for text messages of the chimes that play at Yankee Stadium when a run is scored. The file is in .mp3 format, so will work with any phone which supports that type of file, but instructions for installing the tone will of course vary from model to model.

    Here is the file: http://rapidshare.com/files/93158667/1.mp3.html

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    Re: Yankees ringtones

    I signed up to freeringers.net a while back. Cost me $8 one time fee, but I can create my own 30 second mp3s and use the site to send them to my phone. Can also send some pics for wallpapers and such, but I haven't tried that. You might find that worth it to you, so hope it helps.

    EDIT: I should note that I use Verizon, so this is one of the easier solutions for me.
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    Re: Yankees ringtones

    1st things first.

    to do this, make sure u have the USB cable to connect the phone to the computer.

    Different phones work this process in different ways. First off, if you have a Verizon phone, you are out of luck as the process is incredibly difficult and has a very high likelihood of damaging the phone beyond repair.

    Nextel customers also have a totally different process, which I can refer you to if you request it by PM.

    All others (Sprint, T-Mobile and Cingular) I have a solution for.

    If you have a non-Nextel Motorola phone, try to obtain Motorola Phone Tools (cough Limewire) and go to melody Studio. Open your MP3 file and trim it to what you want to hear from your phone. Then just transfer it from PC to Phone and you will find it in the ringtones section.

    All others:
    First, find a way (cough, Limewire) to obtain a program called CoolEditPro 2.0 and thank Peter Q or Mark H for their contribution. (you will see what I mean)

    Open your MP3 file, and trim it to whatever section you want, generally 30 seconds is the limit. use the Start and End boxes to write in the times where you want to cut and paste, or just highlight the wavelength if you can eyeball it. Right click the highlighted section and hit Copy to New. Now hit file, save as, and label it.

    You will have to find your own way to transfer the new file to the phone though, since I have never used anything other than a Pocket PC or Motorola Phone.

    Most PDA's, Smartphones, and Pocket PCs are easy. just connect it, go to my computer, and the phone will appear as a disctinct icon. Double click that and just drag your ringtone file into that window. It will appear on your phone almost instantly.
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    Re: Yankees ringtones

    I'm not sure if you've already gotten what your looking for but there is a site funformobile.com they have many ring tones,games,ect. It's a free site and all you have to do is sign up and enter your cell info (number and provider) and the link of your chosen tone will be sent to you via text. Also if you don't find what your looking for you can always make it yourself, with a free to download editer.

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