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    Versus...what? OLN changes name...


    STAMFORD, Conn. -- The Outdoor Life Network, a cable channel owned by Comcast Corp., is changing its name to Versus.

    OLN, which began soliciting suggestions for a new name about a year ago, said Versus was chosen "not only for its bold nature, but because it universally evokes competition."

    The new name will take effect in September, in time for the NHL season, OLN announced Monday.

    Before acquiring the rights to the cable broadcasts of NHL games, OLN was best known for covering cyclist Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France.
    I can see it now... "Tomorrow night: Islanders versus Rangers on Versus".

    As Neil Best put it in another article.. "Trouble is, "versus" is a connecting word that sounds naked removed from context. You hear it and the first thing you want to ask is, "Versus what?"...."
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    Re: Versus...what? OLN changes name...

    That's an awful name. If they're so hellbent on a competition theme, why not just call the channel "Competition"?

    Just as long ast they refrain from reading The Satanic Verses on Versus.

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    Re: Versus...what? OLN changes name...

    or even call it something like VS... to me, that sounds better than versus
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    Re: Versus...what? OLN changes name...

    Versus? It sounds...incomplete. I guess because I'm so used to hearing (insert team name) versus (insert team name). It still sounds peculiar though.
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    Re: Versus...what? OLN changes name...

    I think this channel is crap no matter what it's called. The NHL production is awful.
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    Re: Versus...what? OLN changes name...

    Maybe after all the negative feedback on the awful name,they'll reversus to something else.

    They can show old monster movies

    Godzilla VERSUS Megalon.
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    Re: Versus...what? OLN changes name...

    This is the work of the DEVIL!

    Must be the SATANIC Versus!
    Waiting for Sterling to retire so I can start listening to games on the radio again...

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    Re: Versus...what? OLN changes name...


    What the frick does that mean?

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