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Thread: Blacked out?

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    Blacked out?

    Is todays game going to be blacked out on ESPN if YES is showing it?

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    Re: Blacked out?

    I'm not in the NY area, but I would suspect that yes, ESPN will be blacked out if YES has it.

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    Re: Blacked out?

    I am in Buffalo and every game on ESPN for both the Mets and Yankees has been blacked out. I have resigned to the fact that the games I am going to see this season (or till August at least) will have to be on FOX or at a bar.
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    Re: Blacked out?

    It was blacked out on Directv at my house too. I wanted to see if Tino was announcing the game. This is something new this year I think. I used to have a choice of stations.

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    Re: Blacked out?

    it was blacked out in central jersey. it really kinda sucked b/c i wanted to watch in HD - the YES broadcast was not in HD :-(

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