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    Yankee Fan Club Radio with Jayson Stark AND Ken Davidoff!!!

    Hi all --

    Tonight's guests will include Jayson Stark from ESPN and Ken Davidoff from Newsday. Big show, folks. Send your comments and questions to radio@lvyankeefanclub.com.

    Tune in at 6:00 tonight for all the latest Yankees talk!


    --Ty Hildenbrandt
    [B]Yankee Fan Club Radio[/B]
    Sundays 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm ET[U]

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    Re: Yankee Fan Club Radio with Ken Davidoff and MAYBE Jayson Stark

    Great show tonight, even though I got the chance to hear the last hour. Hopefully there will be an archive/MP3/podcast available to listen in to the whole show.

    If possible, I would like to contribute to the show in any way. PM me and let me know.
    MLB on FOX blackouts - NO MORE!!

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    Re: Yankee Fan Club Radio with Ken Davidoff and MAYBE Jayson Stark

    Hey Knickfan, I got a show on my college radio tonight (Tuesday) from 7pm-9pm Eastern. I will be talking a lot of Yankees (especially the Pavano and Sheffield situations) and anyone on here is welcome to E-mail the show or call in. The number is (516)-686-7796 and to e-mail my show e-mail TonyStrongrunsNY@aol.com. I will put all comments on air for sure. Anyways, to listen in go to www.wnytradio.com and click on the listen button (and then click on the listen with realplayer button). As I said, I will be on tonight 7pm-9pm (when I get a lot of calls and feedback I stay on until 10) so hopefully some of you tune in. Also Ty, I'll be sure to give your show a nice shoutout tonight. I tuned into your show and thought it was great work!

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