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    Re: George tells Guillen to "Shut it up"

    Quote Originally Posted by yanks710
    See, this is why I like Mr. Steinbrenner...not a phoney bone in his body--when he says something. it's from his heart.

    Attaboy, George
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    Re: George tells Guillen to "Shut it up"

    The Boss has spoken.

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    Re: George tells Guillen to "Shut it up"

    Quote Originally Posted by BillBuckner
    The Boss has spoken.
    amen STICK A SOX IN IT OZZIE , how come you can't be classey like ozzie smith, this CRAP would NEVER come from his mouth,geez

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    Re: George tells Guillen to "Shut it up"

    When The Boss speaks, everyone listens.

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    Re: George tells Guillen to "Shut it up"

    Gotta love the Boss. Did I ever tell you guys about last year in ST when he sat down and signed autographs and took pictures iwth everyone after the game? It was great, I got a picture with him framed. Big Stein is the man. The great thing about him is that he is a big fan and he has a voice to say things that we want to but no one really cares if we say it.
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    Re: George tells Guillen to "Shut it up"

    That's the thing about Georgie, he's not afraid to tell people how he feels about the issues and I love it.
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    Re: George tells Guillen to "Shut it up"

    Finally, after all of us said it and no one could listen. At least this will make it to Ozzie's ears.
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