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    Math wizards? A problem need help with please.

    The starting number is 305,000

    24 months later the number has reached 475,000 to September

    The increase has thus gone up 170,000 in 24 months to September

    While this was happening, the monthly outlay was 1,200 for 24 months

    Since the 24 month period has passed the new number is now 500,000 - at a minimum.

    New number has climbed 25,000 at a minimum for the last 4 months.

    The outlay has continued to be 1,200 per month

    Would these changes be considered a good thing? +195,000 over 28 months term?

    Outlay for the 28 month period would be ... at 1,200 per month ... the total outlay is 33,600

    Additional costs added to outlay for 28 month period is 3,600 more.

    Total outlay for 28 months is now 33,600 + 3,600 = 37,200

    As I see it the numbers would then be 195,000 - 37,200 = 157,800. 157,800 over a 28 month period would be + 5,635.71 increase per month then.

    If you take on an additional outlay of 800 per month in a short period of time ... making the monthly outlay right at 2,000 then instead of 1,200 ... wouldn't it still be a good thing to happen as long as one could afford the 2,000 outlay?
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