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    It was a great game, down to (literally) the last second. A great performance by Snow, and thank God McKie's missed ft's didn't effect the outcome too negatively.

    Hey Ansky, the other good thing about NJ, is that we get to root for NY, NJ, and PHI sports .

    "The only thing I know about baseball is that whatever the manager does is wrong" - Moe

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    Great job by Sam Cassell getting that T. That and the two flagrants might cost my boy Ray Allen his chance to play in the Finals.
    Guess Milwaukee would rather tell the refs how stupid they are and prove their manliness than get a chance to get a ring.
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    Philadelphia is playing a little better as a team with a little more grit than the Bucks, even though Milwaukee may have a bit more overall talent, esp. with Iverson playing sub par due to nagging injuries.

    Lakers will sweep either one.

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