Perhaps the best thing to happen to this team this year was the addition of Cano. At 22 years of age, he put up startling numbers: a .297 average (.320 OBP) and a .458 slugging ptc. He had 52 extra base hits, more than Jeter, Posada and Giambi. Although he made 17 errors, he also made some remarkable plays throughout the season, and finished 2nd in qualified second baseman in the A.L. in range factor (RF). He turns the DP well and has a great arm. To cap it off, he did a good job in the playoffs for a rookie, hitting .263 with a .421 SLG and 5 RBIs, and began to take some pitches that he was chasing during the regular season. He will probably never have the power and certainly not the speed of Soriano, but I think he's a smarter player and will not be handled easily by the top pitchers in playoff games the way Soriano was.

Which brings us to his future. I think he'll adjust a bit at the plate and be more selective, which will drive up his walk total and OBP. His fielding will improve as well as his power, and by the time he reaches his peak years 4 or 5 years from now he could be a top star in the league. Also, a good-hitting lefty second baseman is a rare commodity. What fun it would be to have someone like Cano appear on the team every year to watch mature from a 22 year-old kid into a solid major leaguer, similar to the way we watched Jeter grow here. Personally, it's much more fun than the instant gratification of a star free agent.