With 1 out in the 8th and Luis Terrero on 1st (and Florida up 6-5), Tony Clark singled to left, as Terrero went to third. The throw came into Lowell at 3rd, but he quietly held the ball out of Terrero's sight as he looked toward the third base dugout.

Todd Jones and Matt Treanor had a meeting in front of the plate, and Jones went back toward the mound but instead walked just outside the dirt in a circle (to act as if he was about to get back on the mound). Terrero then stepped off the bag to begin his lead off 3rd, and Lowell quickly tagged him, followed by him showing the umpire that he did have the ball in his hands.

A variation of the usual hidden ball trick when the pitcher and first baseman have a conversation off the mound and the ball is left with the first baseman, but this happened in a much more crucial situation.