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    Week Eighteen Newsletter

    Before I start, a special thanks to Clive for filling in while I was gone.


    BRITLAND- The New York Squeaks won their eighth game of the year Sunday while barely scoring over 200 points.

    The Squeaks were led by new Squeaks ace John Patterson, who pitched a brilliant CG SHO, striking out thirteen hitters for 56 points, which proved to be the difference in the game. Patterson’s ERA dropped to a very overlooked 2.42 on the season. The Nationals righthander hasn’t given up more than two runs in a start since late June, and has made seven QS in a row. The rest of the Squeaks pitching was not so good. Sidney Ponson (-17), Nate Robertson (-4), and Mark Prior (-1) scored negative points, and C.C. Sabathia managed 10. Luis Ayala pitched four innings without allowing a run for 18 points, and Brad Lidge scored 11. On offense, Geoff Jenkins was the Squeak’s leader, hitting .500 on the week with three homers for 38 points. Derek Jeter had a hot week as well, going 11-26 with three doubles for 32 points.

    About his trade, which will go through next week, the Squeaks captain said, “I really enjoyed my time here, but I certainly understand why management felt the need to move me. We haven’t achieved what we were expected to as a team, though we definitely had the players here to do that. I look forward to trying to help the Gigawatts win a Championship, but I’ll play as hard as I can in this coming week for the Squeaks.” Jeff Kent, Professional Hitter, also rumored to be on the trading block, scored 21.5 points.

    Hank Blalock scored the most points for the Swingers, scoring 37 points, going 8-25 with four homers and 9 RBI. Other 20+ point scoreds included Morgan Ensberg (23, 2 HR), Nick Swisher (24), Victor Martinez (22.5), Brad Wilkerson (21.5), and Mark Loretta (21.5). Their pitching did not step up, though. Livan Hernandez, Kip Wekks, and Erik Bedard all put up negative numbers, and the only pitcher to score over 10 points was Cliff Politte with 19.

    PLAYER OF THE GAME: John Patterson, NYS, 56 Points

    HITTER OF THE GAME: Geoff Jenkins, NYS, 38 Points


    SPRINGFIELD- Dan Johnson provided the power at the Powerplant this week.

    Johnson went 9-26 with four homers and six ribbies for the Sluggers, scoring a total of 47.5 points. Garret Anderson, a former Squeak, scored 21 points of his own to round out an otherwise quiet Sluggers offense.

    On the mound, Jon Lieber went 7 innings giving up two runs for 26 points, and Robinson Tejeda went six innings giving up a run for 23. Dustin Hermanson, however, led the pitchers with 34 points thanks to four saves.

    For the Powerpland, only two players scored 20 or more. Dontrelle Willis scored 40 points in two starts, giving up just a single ER in thirteen innings. Jason Giambi scored 29.5 points, going 7-18 on the week with two homers and five RBI while walking six times.

    PLAYER OF THE GAME: Dan Johnson, TUG, 47.5 Points

    PITCHER OF THE GAME: Dontrelle Willis, POW, 40 Points


    TRUTH FIELD- There were stars on both sides of the field this week, but in the end, the Truth’s stars were just a bit better. The Truth stars started with Paul Konerko, who went 7-24 on the week, but more than half of his hits, four, were HRs, and he drove in nine runs for 40.5 points. Gary Sheffield homered twice for 24 points, and Chad Tracy hit it over the wall three times for 23.

    On the mound, Barry Zito continued his hot pitching with 32 points, thanks to eight innings, two ER, and eight strikeouts. Jason Westbrook scored 29 points thanks to seven innings of two run ball, striking out eight of his own, and John Garland and Bruce Chen scored 21 and 20 points respectively. In the pen, Brian Fuentes saved three games for 22 points. David Eckstein, who scored 34 points, was left on the bench. The little guy homered twice and drove in six big runs. Awwww.

    For the Woodys, Bartolo Colon was a the top of the scoring, putting together a 14 IP, 3 ER week for 51 points. Mark Mulder added 23 points of his own with a good start. On offense, Mark Teixeira hit .333 with 3 HR and 7 RBI on the week for 34 points, and Mike Cameron and Jack Wilson scored 23 points each.

    PLAYER OF THE GAME: Paul Konerko, TNT, 40.5 Points

    PITCHER OF THE GAME: Bartolo Colon, GWW, 51 Points


    THE DEATH STAR- Jake Peavy was absolutely brilliant against the Naughties, winning a big rivalry game and earning his Deathstripes. The star pitcher went sixteen innings on the week allowing three runs and striking out nineteen, while throwing a CG into the mix for 76 points. Jason Johnson supplemented that total with 31 points of his own in two starts, and Curt Schilling scored 29 points out of the pen with four saves. On offense, Russ Adams scored 38 points thanks to two homers, two doubles, and six RBI.

    For the Naughties, things were much quieter. Luis Castillo scored 31 points, going 10-23 with a homer, and Aubrey Huff (2 HR) and Randy Winn (8-22) scored 21.5 and 20 points respectively, but their only pitcher with over 20 points was Joe Nathan, who had no saves but recorded two wins on the week.

    PLAYER OF THE GAME: Jake Peavy, EMP, 76 Points

    HITTER OF THE GAME: Russ Adams, EMP, 38 Points


    NORTH CAROLINA- The Larrupin’ Lous went on the road and had 300+ points scored on them, but their 365 points trumped the Horsemen’s total. The Lous got some good two start weeks. Joe Blanton went 13 innings giving up one ER for 57 points, and Jeff Weaver gave up three runs in fourteen innings for 53 points. Zach Duke added 39 points in two starts as well. On offense, Vlad Guerrero led the way for the Lous, hitting two homers while going 9-22 on the week and driving in ten runs for 33 points. Jim Edmonds scored 23 and Jimmy Rollins scored 21 to round out the offenseive stars.

    For the Horsemen, Claudio Vargas pitched 14.1 innings, scoring 42 points during them, and Jorge Sosa allowed a single run in twelve innings for 38 points. Huston Street also saved four games for 35 points.

    Jason Bay went 8-25 with two HR and seven RBI for 34 points and Eric Chavez and Jose Reyes added 25 and 24.5 points respectively to the Horsemen’s losing cause.

    PLAYER OF THE GAME: Joe Blanton, LOU, 57 Poinys

    HITTER OF THE GAME: Jason Bay, T4H, 34 Points


    MICHIGAN- The Michigan Wolverines clinched a playoff spot this week, winning their 14th straight game since starting 2-2 and raising their record to 16-2. Once again, the reason was pitching.

    The Wolverines “Big Three” of Zambrano, Harden, and Hudson combined for 88 points, with Zambrano scoring 33, Hudson scoring 32, and Harden scoring 23. Zambrano seems to have back problems, however, so that could prove to be a major problem for the Wolverines in the playoffs if he’s out for a long time. Mariano Rivera saved three games while only pitching 1.2 innings (two one-out saves on the week) to score 21 points.

    Albert Pujols, as usual, led the offense with a .333 average, 3 HR, and 5 RBI for 43 points. Khalil Greene helped him out with two homers and 31 points and Andruw Jones continued on his quest for an NL HR Crown with three homers and 31 points on the week.

    For the Ice, who traded star Johan Santana along with Vincente Padilla and Ken Griffey Jr, the two highest scoring pitchers for the team, and in fact the only two who scored five points or more were….Johan Santana and Vincente Padilla. Padilla scored 38 points in two starts, giving up four runs in 14.1 innings, and Johan Santana had two QS but no Ws while giving up five ER in 13 IP for 32 points. On offense, Mike Piazza led, hitting two homers and driving in nine for 28 points, and Brian Roberts (10-32, HR), Troy Glaus (3 HR), and A.J. Pierzynski (2 HR) scored 23.5, 22, and 22.5 points respectively.

    PLAYER OF THE GAME: Albert Pujols, MIC, 43 Points

    PITCHER OF THE GAME: Vincente Padilla, ICE, 38 Points


    LIGERLAND- Chris Carpenter has pitched sixteen straight QSs. Quite an accomplishment for a 20th round pick. This week, Carpenter scored 75 points, going seventeen innings and allowing three ER while striking out sixteen and throwing a CG. The Ligers other ace, Roger Clemens, lowered (yes, lowered) his miniscule ERA to 1.38. Carpenter might win the Cy Young this year thanks to his Ws, but it is this reporter’s humble opinion that the Rocket deserves it if he keeps pitching like this. He has basically pitched like an elite closer all year long. Clemens gave up one ER in 14 IP, striking out twelve for 59 points.

    Matt Holliday scored 26.5 points thanks to his two homers, and Manny Ramirez hit over .500 (8-15) with three homers and ten RBI in those fifteen AB for 32 points. Tadahito Iguchi added 20.5 points.

    For the Bombers, Jhonny Peralta went 9-23 with a homer for 30 points, and Adam Dunn hit .333 on the week with a homer and six RBI for 22 points. On the mound, John Lackey scored 22 and Jamie Moyer scored 20.

    PLAYER OF THE GAME: Chris Carpenter, LIG, 75 Points

    HITTER OF THE GAME: Manny Ramirez, LIG, 32 Points


    HOLDOUT FIELD- Normally, a two game deficit like the New York Squeaks have wouldn’t be insurmountable, even with only five games to play. However, the Mantle Division is the most balanced of them all, with a three way tie at 10-8 at the top between the Lumberjacks, Holdouts, and Swingers, and the Squeaks and Rhode Kill both two games back. All five teams are either 10-8 (three) or 8-10 (two). The Holdouts are now 10-8 after a horrible start.

    The Holdouts were helped greatly by the “arm” of Tim Wakefield, who knuckled his way to 52 points, thanks to fifteen innings of six hit ball, in which he somehow managed to strike out eighteen hitters. Marcus Giles scored 31.5 points for the Holdouts, going 12-30 on the week, and Miguel Cabrera (2 HR), Carlos Lee (2 HR), Chris Shelton (8 BB), and Orlando Cabrera (HR, 4 RBI) scored 27, 27, 22.5, and 23.5 points respectively.

    For the Lumberjacks, David Wright led the team with 28.5 points, going 6-20 with a HR. Sean Casey added 28 points of his own, aided by two homers, and Carlos Beltran homered on his way to 26 points. Bob Wickman saved four games but blew one save, scoring 26 points.

    PLAYER OF THE GAME: Tim Wakefield, BOR, 52 Points

    HITTER OF THE GAME: Marcus Giles, BOR, 31.5 Points


    THE HIGHWAY- Danny Haren continued to pitch great, and Alfonso Soriano paced the offense, as the Lookalikes took this one easily.

    Haren allowed two runs in fourteen innings, winning twice, as he put together a 56 point week. Tomo Ohka scored 33 points in two outings, and Derek lowe added 22 of his own in one. Billy Wagner and Jose Valverde recorded a save each on their way to 21 and 20 points.

    Alfonso Soriano was very good during the week, going 9-23 with a homer and 9 RBI and only striking out three times for 38.5 points. Carl Crawford scored 36 points without one SB, going 12-22 (.545) with three triples and six ribbies. Bobby Crosby scored 28 points on the week and David Ortiz added 21 points as well.

    For the Kill, Noah Lowry scored 35 points, going seven innings and allowing a single hit, striking out eight. Jason Schmidt also pitched like he’s capable of, giving up three hits in eight innings for 33 points. Other than these two Giants pitchers, however, the SP was weak, scoring -8 points (Thanks to a -18 point performance).

    Edgar Renteria went 9-23 to score 26 points, Bobby Abreu homered twice to score 23.5, and Aaron Rowand homered twice as well, scoring 24.5, to highlight the Kill’s offense.


    THE FUTURE- Carlos Delgado, an injured Carlos Delgado who was in the Marauder’s lineup, scored 0 points, not even getting an AB in the week, and the Marauders fell by 15. Would Delgado have scored 16? Likely. Sucks to be miko.

    The Gigawatts didn’t start any injured players, and their pitching carried them quite a bit, with one hole. Ben Sheets scored 34 points, going nine innings and giving up one ER and four hits. (No CG as the game was tied), but recording the W. Esteban Loaiza gave up seven ER in 14 innings for 28 poinys, and Andy Pettitte scored 20. Roy Oswalt had a QS, but only scored 14. Ismael Valdez was the only hold in the pitching rotation, only scoring three, but that hole will be filled by the All-World Mark Prior next week.

    Michael Young scored 27.5 points on the week, going 8-22 with a homer and five RBI, and Cliff Floyd went 7-18 with two homers for 23.5 points. Shea Hillenbrand also scored 24.

    For the Marauders, Mark Buehrle scored 43 points in two starts, giving up a single ER in 12.2 IP. Sean Douglass gave up an ER in 8 IP for 31 points, and Todd Jones saved three games for 28 points. A-Rod scored 27 points on offense, going 6-21 with three homers, and Craig Counsell hit .500 on the week, going 10-20, for 22 points.

    PLAYER OF THE GAME: Ben Sheets, DOC, 34 Points.

    HITTER OF THE GAME: Michael Young, DOC, 27.5 Points

    "My point is you can't compare things with statistics." Joe Morgan

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    RIP, Pete.

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    Re: Week Eighteen Newsletter

    Hey even the Devil Rays win 60 games a year.
    In Cashman I trust.
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    Re: Week Eighteen Newsletter

    Quote Originally Posted by Soriambi
    Sucks to be miko.
    Don't you know it.
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    Rest in Peace Pete!

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    Re: Week Eighteen Newsletter

    Well done as always Kev.
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    Re: Week Eighteen Newsletter

    I WIN!!!!

    Or I lose... either way I RULE!
    Quote Originally Posted by Big_E
    Oh yeah, things are always better when Randi's around.

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