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Unless one of them gets DL'd, this is no biggie. They face a lefty tomorrow (Chacin), who is tough, but don't see another until the 27th (Washburn). Even if they DL'd either one, its unlikely Phillips would arrive in time or condition to be useful tomorrow.

I expect Bernie to play DH tomorrow, with Bubba in CF, despite the lefty, and let Sierra take a day off. Sierra isn't really necessary for anything beyond PH until the 27th- so why rush him back. Tino and Giambi can hold down DH/1B until then. If Bernie needs a longer rest, Crosby gets a few starts.
This is probably what will happen, although if Sierra gets DLed, then Andy probably comes up to fill out the roster. It gets interesting to see what happens when Sturtze comes back. Do the Yankees bite the bullet on Karsay or Quantrill? I would, and keep Groom.