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    It's absolutely beautiful here in New Jersey today -- currently sunny and 74 degrees, getting up to 85 later on...a gorgeous spring day!!! I wish I had time to shoot to the beach, but I'm going to take a book outside and read for awhile before I get my hair cut later this afternoon...the hair cut is long overdue and hard to get an appointment, or I would reschedule!!

    Not sure what the weather is like by you today, but if it was a beautiful day, and you could play hooky from work, school or other responsibilities, what would you spend the day doing?

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    Flying to Minnesota ... really.
    In reality - go sunbathing in central park ...
    hope that one of my friends with a motocycle is around - drive down to the Jersey shore ... catch major rays along the way ...hang out at the beach at nite ...
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    I envy you! I'm stuck in a concrete and glass building looking out wistfully on this gorgeous day. When I go out to lunch it's going to be very hard to drag myself back in here.

    If I didn't have to work I'd be out on a Long Island farm riding a horse.

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    Flying to Minnesota is a great idea Harley!! However when faced with reality, I would probabaly go to the beach to get a tan!!

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    On May 1, pruning schrubs, feeding the lawn, waxing the car, washing the deck. On July 1, on the beach or on the boat. If the humidity is low, a hike in the high peaks region. Get something marinated to put on the grill later.

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    Long Island is playing hooky from me so I'm out enjoying the weather !!!
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