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    Have you seen Yahoo's Game Channel? It's a great way to follow a ball game if you can't get a TV or radio broadcast.

    Go to -

    On the left side of the page they list the games. Just click on the one you want to follow and a Java Applet Window will open with a screen that updates each pitch. It looks like a Nintendo game. There are tabs for details on the Matchup, Log, Lineup, Box Score, and Scoreboard for other games. Very cool!

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    it is get the gamechannelupdates about 30 seconds before the radio least on my crappy 28.8 modem....good stats also

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    That's what I use when I can't get the radio...great stuff there because you can follow other games as well.

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    yes.. I have seen it

    I used it at work one day when I was told my real palyer was too loud

    anyway, it's a bit strange.. but interesting.. it certainly will do when you can't listen to the game on the radio


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