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    Way to go! The Knicks won the first game of their first round playoff series vs. the Toronto Raptors by a count of 92-85.

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    Toronto may win one game.Maybe.

    Maybe everyone should have waited for Mr.Carter to actually win a playoff game before annointing him the next Michael Jordan.

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    The Knicks will probably sweep Toronto. Glad to see the Heat get blown out by the Hornets.

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    the knicks did good however I don't think they will sweep the Raptors I think they will take it in 6
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    Excellent news.

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    YEah, I saw the game - the Knicks were so great! With this play they will win !!!

    Yeeeeeeesssssssssss!!! Go Knickc go!!!

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    1 down...

    i'm more psyched seeing the heat get their arses kicked in...

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    With the Heat and Philly struggling, the Knicks' chances are looking better by the day..I hope all these distractions don't start taking their toll: Ward's racist comments and later apology, Camby's hostage situation (thank God this ended peacefully, but still a toll on the family), Houston just had his second child last night...this team's got a lot on its mind...

    Go Knicks!!!
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