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    i think congratulations are in order for barry bonds... i may not like the guy but hes a hell of a hitter... and im glad to finally see him hit 500


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    No it shouldn't be here. But I couldn't agree more. Let's applaud a future Hall of Famer.
    Yogi is a National Treasure. Let's put him in a National Hall of Fame. The man has no peers.

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    Congrats Barry! I missed seeing the homerun cause I was watching The Weakest Link.

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    Congrats Barry. Still around due to the flexability from patting youself on the back so often. :rolleyes:
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    Exactly. He doesn't need my congratulations; he congratulates himself quite enough.

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    The Guy Who Caught the Home Run is asking Bonds about $5000 for selling the ball to Bonds!

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