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    Spencer Dh'd in Columbus last night and went 0-4
    The great Andy Morales is now hitting 160 in AA
    Ryan Bradley has a 4.91 era in AA
    Adrian Hernandez's line last night: 6 innings, 2 er, 8 k's- he has 3.24 era this season for Columbus
    Jimenez is hitting 233
    Nick Johnson is hitting 211

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    thanks for the info

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    Go back, find some GOOD news, and post it here. Can you do that?

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    go back to Boston you damn pseudo Yankee fan!!!

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    It was Dime A Dog night last night at the Coop...maybe Spencer overindulged and had indigestion real bad...he'll come around.

    Bub, does that constitute as "good news"? I mean, the fact that you can still get a hot dog for a dime in this day and age?

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    Jen: As usual LMAO.

    Casey(quit doggin my team) Cat
    We have enough youth.
    How about a fountain of "smart"?

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    Yikes...not good news at all.

    The hot dogs for a dime is good news!!

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    Well... that's not too bad. Spencer was 0-4, but I don't really mind if a rehabbing player goes 0-4.

    It's nice to hear that Hernandez pitched well - the guy from the Daily News just said that "he lost," which sounds like a ridiculous oversimplication, considering that it was actually a good start.

    Ryan Bradley has been lost ever since he struggled in his brief callup with the Yankees. After his horrible 1999 and 2000 seasons, we can only hope that he finds himself again...

    Jimenez and Johnson have ugly batting averages, but they've taken plenty of walks, and they both have OBPs in the high .300s. Just mini-slumps, if you ask me.

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    Seems like Bradley is done as a prospect. I'm not worried at all about Johnson or Jimemez. It's still very early in the year.

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    i hope jimenez is just having a minislump. if he hadnt gotten in a serious car accident, he would be up here playing second instead the mistake called soriano

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    Thanks for the info. I never take these early stats too seriously ... otherwise we'll have the Twins playing the Phillies in the World Series this fall. OK, anything is possible, but I'd bet that won't happen (any takers?). I'm going to a game in May & am just interested in how the guys are doing.

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