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    I know this season is just starting the team but i thought it was funny.I clicked on "stats" and guess who's leading the International league in walks?

    Nick Johnson ..Looks like the season's just starting.Will have to keep up on it... He had a couple more hits today.Too bad the columbus Pitching is the exact opposite of the yankees....

    They score alot but they have no pitching down there )

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    Poor Sid. The way thinks are going, looks like he's going to spend the summer back on the beach in Hawaii. What an awful life.

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    From the Daily News today:


    Sid's Bid: Sid Fernandez, continuing his comeback attempt, made his first appearance for Triple-A Columbus Saturday, and it was not particularly good. Fernandez started and pitched two innings, allowing three earned runs on three hits and two walks as Columbus lost to Louisville, 5-4. All three of the runs Fernandez allowed came on a three-run first-inning home run by Tripp Cromer.

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