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    Time Warner vs. Cablevision

    We live in Manhattan and have Time Warner cable. Now we can't get Fox Sports NY and MSG. They're giving us a $2 rebate instead. Just like what the Dolans and Cablevision pulled with the YES channel last year. At least we still get YES. Since Time Warner owns the Atlanta Braves, I'm surely we'll always get their games, instead of the games of our local teams. When will cable companies who charge such exorbitant fees care about the fans?

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    Its disgusting. There will be no hockey so you don't have to worry about the Rangers . The Knicks ? and the Mets well who cares?

    Still the fans are the ones who get screwed. Nothing new here.

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    I wish i could get DirectTV, but sadly my landlord doesnt allow it =/
    Don't give up the Farm for Santana!

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    I hate the Dolans and Cablevision...

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