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Thread: Red Sox fan...

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    Red Sox fan...

    Hi guys...I browse through these forums daily to see what is going through the minds of the Yankee fans. I finally decided to sign up so I can post my opinion, or what is going on in the mind of a Sox fan. Hope you welcome me without any 1918 chants

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    There has been quite a swarm lately. Welcome anyway.

    Has anybody noticed we have a color option called "lemon chiffon?"

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    NYYF Cy Young

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    Welcome. Let's Go Yankees!!

    -Triple G

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    Hey there! Welcome to the board!


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    1918 Welcomes

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    Welcome prule84...you'll never hear me chant "1918"...However, I have been know to make reference to the "DeadSux"...

    No harm intended...it's all in good fun... Gotta have thick skin to hang out here

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    Okafor explained afterwards. "I just saw this orange object floating in the air and it said 'grab me'. I grabbed it, spun, saw the rim, thought it would be a good idea to put it in, and that's what I did."

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    Welcome aboard!

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