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    Congrats, Bozidar - 25,000 Posts!

    Another major milestone reached - 25,000! At your current pace, you'll reach 50,000 by about the end of 2006.
    Let the kids play.

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    That is amazing. Keep on truckin Boz.

    Has anybody noticed we have a color option called "lemon chiffon?"

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    Congrats Brian. It's scary how much time you spend on here.

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    25000!! That's ridiculous.

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    And I thought I was doing good...

    Congrats Brian.
    Global Warming and climate change hysteria could well represent the historical pinnacle of collective insanity.

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    Congrats Boz!

    *someone needs a life....JUST KIDDIN! *


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    Whoa! 25,000! Congrats, I think!
    You know you're an addict when you put Crackbook on your Crackberry. -Toaderly

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    I hit 1500 yesterday and I feel so inadequate

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    WOW.................get a life!!!!

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