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    This HAS to be the quote of the season, and it hasn't even started yet!

    From Yahoo! Sports
    BoSox blowup is imminent
    Boston hasn't won a World Series since World War I, and despite the acquisition of Manny Ramirez, Ken Rosentahl says the Red Sox are in full crisis mode already. Nomar Garciaparra's wrist is acting up again, Ramirez doesn't want to play left field, and Carl Everett is missing the team bus. If Garciaparra's 17-month-old injury requires surgery, Boston will need to acquire another shortstop, but even if it doesn't, the Red Sox still could become a dysfunctional mess.
    I love it!!!

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    It sure looks like another long season for those Boston fans....oh....I forgot about the team. They are going to have a long season too. They haven't even got to the first game of the season and the soap opera begins. It should be interesting. I sure feel for them because that is what we had to put up with for most of the 80's and part of the 90's. Nothing but drama. I'm sure glad they have it now.

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    Yah, it certainly LOOKS like a long season for the Red Sox fans, but this is where the Red Sox are most dangerous. When the Sox have no expectations on them, that is when they excell. OK, they excell until expectations are put on them again and then they fold.

    We shall see what happens, but I am not willing to count the Sox out just based on ST. If they have a bad April and May, that is another matter, but not just based upon Spring Training.
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    And the news doesn't get any better for the Sox....

    I just heard that Cone didn't get out of the 1st inning. He threw around 30 pitches and had to leave the game with a sore shoulder. He gave up a 2-run homer. He's listed day-to-day.

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    Just breakin my heart...
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    So what else is new with the Sux?!!!

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    Hey but they still have Pedro
    Can't they make it a bit more interesting and wait to fall apart at the end of the season. I have tickets for 7 games vs Boston it would be nice to have them at least be a contender. I just love to torment those poor fans.

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    Hey, maybe the outfielders can all take turns pitching after Pedro. You never know, maybe Everett is really the next Clemens or Pedro! Naw.
    Seriously, someone did bring the point up to not count them out yet- a beheaded tiger can still bite..So watch out!

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    Now the Sux are talking to Duquette about a contract extension


    All I can say is they deserve one another.

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    Cone's hurt? He better make the rotation so he can post another 7 ERA season! And too bad Pedro can't pitch everyday! This is the first time I remember the Dead Sox collapsing before they even play a game. I almost feel sorry for their fans now... maybe not.
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    Hmmmm....I wonder if Knobby has ever played shortstop??

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    Nasty, Russ. Very nasty.

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    Yeah, the Sox really do suck right now. Their record is about 2-12 for ST and with injuries, personality disorders,and other problems bothering them, this could be an ugly season.

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