C - Jason Varitek
1B - Paul Konerko
2B - Jose Vidro
SS - Jose Valentin
3B - Vinny Castilla
OF - Carlos Beltran
OF - Miguel Cabrera
OF - Mark Kotsay
DH - Tim Salmon

SP - Roy Oswalt
SP - Carlos Zambrano
SP - Rich Harden
SP - Al Leiter
SP - Miguel Batista

RP - Octavio Dotel
RP - Shigetoshi Hasegawa
RP - Steve Karsay (only temporarily)

Bench - Tino Martinez
Bench - Eric Munson
Bench - Josh Phelps
Bench - Eric DuBose

The GM of the Michigan Wolverines would like to extend her gratitude to all who withstood her insanity at the draft last night; it was the physical pain talking, not her. She would also like to say that she wishes the tension between her and SP Roy Oswalt has disappeared and that they should start on a new page. (For Oswalt was the bane of her existence, along with certain other players who shall remain nameless.) An apology is also necessary to Steve Karsay, RP, who will no longer be with the team in the very near future. Overall, she believes that her team, while not spectacular, will be at least respectable, if nothing else. And finally, Coney36 would like to extend a warm welcome to Tino Martinez and his return to the AL, even if he's just a bench warmer for now.