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    If you could choose any team to face the Yankees in the World Series if they get there who would it be. Not counting the Braves or Mets.

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    I don't know, I don't reckon I'd care a great deal who it was so long as we beat them!! Get back to me on this one.


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    I am now in anti-jinx mode. I will not discuss the World Series or anything relating to it.
    We got a long time before that pops up.

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    Originally posted by WindRavenX
    I am now in anti-jinx mode. I will not discuss the World Series or anything relating to it.
    We got a long time before that pops up.
    Amen! I feel like we're counting our chickens before they hatch because there is A LOT of baseball to play before we can even begin to talk about realistically making the World Series.

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    I'm all for speading the wealth around....I'd like to trounce the Giants or the Cards this year in the WS.

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    I agree, our swollen heads might not fit through the club house door! But for fun I would like a shot at the Cincinnati Reds. I'm still burning from the sweep they pulled on us in the bi-centennial year. We really owe them one. That goes for the Dodgers too. Remember the 81 nightmare? At least we won the first 2 games. But then we lost the next four. AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Yep, Cincinnati and then bring on the Dodgers. We have some unfinished business to take care of.

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    So long as we get to the series I really don't care. We'll worry about beating whoever it is we face, then.
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    I'd like to see a classic matchup this year. Yanks vs. Dodgers, or Cardinals. No more expansion teams. I mean, how far back does the Yanks' rivalry with the San Diego Padres go?
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    The Expos look good!

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    1. Giants

    2. Cards

    3. Dodgers (yeah, right).
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