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    Van Horn/Doleac traded

    anyone have the official info on this? just saw it on ESPN Bottomline, but it's not being reported anywhere else...

    3 way trade with Bucks....

    all I saw was the Knicks got Tim Thomas..

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    Per WFAN:

    The Knicks get Tim Thomas and Nazir Mohammed; the Bucks get Keith Van Horn; Atlanta gets Michael Doleac and Joel Pryzbilla.

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    The BK
    I called my friendup who has season across the row from me
    at the Stadium who also happens to be a Knick season ticket holder.

    The first I said is
    'I can't believe we got Nazr Muhammad'

    and then something about that ARod guy.

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    Isiah has been a God-send


    What a job this guy has done. Completely turned over a roster of guys who everybody thought were unmoveable. This is a great move, I've liked Tim Thomas for a long time and Mohammed is that big man we need. Plus getting Van Horn's contract out of there allows us to make a serious run at Rasheed Wallace this offseason.

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    Yeah, this is a good deal for us. The thing I am happiest about it is that we get more athleticism and much better defense.
    “I mean, people knew that Brown was out there, and that Randy was ornery all the time. And Pavano is whoever he is. But if you’re their manager, you can’t go out and write about them like that.

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    Good deal

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    I like getting Naz but Tim Thomas has been a bust everywhere. I wouldn't give him more minutes than Penny. And he's another grossly overpaid bum. $15 million a season for Tim Thomas? If NBA GM's ran baseball teams Steinbrenner would have a lot more competition in out spending.

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