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  • LSU

    4 50.00%
  • USC

    4 50.00%
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    USC or LSU football

    Which "champion" do you think is better?
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    USC may be the better team - we'll never know. But based on their schedules, I give LSU the edge. LSU had 4 wins over ranked opponents - #11 Georgia, #18 Mississippi, #11 Georgia (again), and #3 Oklahoma. Beating the same team twice in one season is tough, particularly when they're ranked as high as #11. And LSU's loss was to #17 Florida; a team they should have beat, but a ranked team nonetheless.

    USC, on the other hand, beat 2 ranked teams: #14 Washington State and #4 Michigan. Their loss was to unranked California. The Rose Bowl was obviously a great win but I consider Oklahoma to be head and shoulders above Michigan and LSU's Sugar Bowl win was better. USC beat up on a lot of cupcakes - much more than LSU did.

    It woulda been so sweet if there was a USC/LSU game, it'd be great and USC might win it. But based on what is given to use, LSU is #1

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