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    Bad accident on Rt 3 in Clifton this morning

    Whenever I'm stuck in really bad traffic I think to myself "geez, I better be delayed here for a good reason, not because someone got a flat tire and decided not to move out of a travel lane". This is a pretty legitimate reason, if you ask me. Took me an hour and 45 minutes to commute the same distance that usually takes about 30 minutes. The accident occured about 15 minutes before I typically drive down Rt. 3 in that same exact spot in the morning.

    To add insult to injury, the funeral for a Clifton Police Officer who died in the line of duty last week was being held so there were lots of local road closures too making traffic even worse, not to mention that all the Clifton Police department was attending the funeral. All I could think about was how sad it would be if someone was travelling to the funeral and needed to take Rt. 3 and couldn't get there because of the bad accident.

    I may have been really late, but at least I got here. At least one person can't say they got where they were going this morning .

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    Not meaning to be snide at all but I'll bet that you're going to be driving much more slowly and safely for the next few days.

    Reminds me of a Saturday morning last year when I was on I-10 heading W trying to get on I-405 S and traffic was backed up. The stretch of highway couldn't be more than 3 miles so the idea of a traffic jam before noon on a Saturday was ridiculous. I saw a relatively new Mustang convertible flipped over right at the merge point. Yikes.

    Seeing stuff like that gives you a solid respect for the speed limit.

    Plus it makes you want to strangle people who drive while yammering on a cell phone.

    Be safe, everyone! Especially during the holidays!

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    When I was going to Montreal, there was a huge accident on Aut-55. The southbound lane, just north of Sherbrooke, PQ was backed up for close to a mile. Someone but their car into the grassy median. It was on it's top and the top was crushed in.

    I really urge everyone to be safe when driving. I don't want to hear about anyone on here being seriously hurt in a car accident.

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