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    My history teacher's great uncle played for the Yankees. He called me over, told me to say "And this one time, at band camp..." and then showed me Jack Quinn's stats. Jack Quinn lost Game #3 in the 1921 WS, but his ERA was like 3.28 or so. That's pretty good for back then. He never told his real age (reminds me of El Duque!), but he was the last pitcher to legally be able to use the spit ball. They say he died around the age of 76-8?. They aren't quite sure, but I do know that he was living here in my home state, PA.

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    Jim F
    That's a heck of a commute!

    chelle, your appreciation and respect for Yankees History is awesome!

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    Sorry I haven't been here for a while, had some mid terms and stuff and I guess school has to come before the Yankees. I just thought that was neat-o how they didn't know how old he was too. I think he lived in New York during the season, but in Pa the rest of the time.

    Gotta like those PA players (all but Mike Mussina, the bum!)

    Chelle, in all the forums (or is it Fori?!)

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    I thought Burleigh Grimes was the last player to legally throw a spitball?

    Grimes finished his career in '34.

    Quinn finished in '33. Maybe Quinn was the second to last legal spitballer.

    A few stats for Quinn:

    He pitched from 1909-1933, for the
    Yankees 1909-1912
    Boston Braves 1913
    Baltimore Terrapins (Federal League) 1914-1915
    Did Not Play in 1916 or 1917 (I wonder if he went to war?)
    Chicago WhiteSox 1918
    Yankees 1919-1921 (21 Yanks won the AL pennant)
    Boston Red Sox 1922-1925
    Philadelphia Athletics 1925-1930 (Athletics were World Champs in '29 & '30)
    Brooklyn Dodgers 1931-1932
    Cincinnati Reds 1933

    Career: 247-218 & 57 saves with a 3.29 ERA
    This says he was born in 1883, which means he played until he was 50 years old!

    I wonder if your teacher knows all that? Probably.

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    To add to clippers post, Quinn was born on July 5, 1883 in Janesville PA and died on April 17, 1946 in Pottsville PA. His best year was in 1914 when he had 26 wins and he did pitch till he was 50.

    Grimes career spanned the years of 1917-1934 and his record was 270-212 with an ERA of 3.53. Grimes had 5 20 win seasons and pitched till he was 41.


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    Pottsville, Pa?!?! Where's that?? Kidding, I know where that is, it's like 45 minutes from my house.
    That's where my teacher lives, too.
    I think he's neat, though. I like finding out about older players you wouldn't normally think about.
    I hope my kids become Yankee fans, I'll have much to tell

    Chelle, in all the forums (or is it Fori?!)

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    by the way Chelle, the plural of Forum is Fora, not Fori.

    "Does Coggins look like Bonds?" - Bill White 1975

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    Who knew? Eh, well, I changed my signature now... I thought it was a riot! My basketball coach looks like DJ and A-rod combined LOL!!

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