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    the Bashers finished with the best stolen base percentage at 82.9. The second best SB - CS, to Cunning Linguists
    team			SB%	NET SB
    Juniors Bashers 82.90 77
    Fishing with Mendoza 80.58 63
    THE 4 HORSEMEN 78.57 56
    Cunning Linguists 75.15 81
    Senators 74.49 73
    Dawgs From Easton 74.15 43
    Lordz of Flatbush 72.22 40
    Michigan Wolverines 72.22 24
    Evil Empire 71.96 47
    Newburgh Naughties 70.45 36
    Ny Bombers 70 36
    New York Squeaks 69 38
    Saxmanias Swingers 68.23 31
    Mattinglys Hitmen 66.66 35
    Italian Ice 64.54 32
    9 Angry Playaz 64.28 24
    The Naked Truth 61.11 16
    The Larrupin Lous 59.54 25

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    I'm #1!!!! In most caught stealings....&po'd&
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    Cool stuff, thanks for posting.
    That don't make me no nevermind.

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    My hitting sucked, my pitching sucked...all I was good for was a whole bunch of walks. Thanks guys, I really drafted you all with the intention of getting points one at a time. :rolleyes:

    *Gets broom and shoos Roy Oswalt out the door*
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    Originally posted by Bozidar
    this boggles my mind..

    Patrick finished wth TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR more home run points than my team. That's 66 more dingers

    I finished with 5 more RBIs (the sole member of the 700+ rbi club, patrick )
    The site hasn't stopped adding to the totals, Boz, that's why I posted some of the final totals. I saved them Sunday morning before games started. So I actually only had 64 more homers than you, for 256 points. If you or anyone else would like to see any more of the final totals that I didn't post, let me know and I'll put them up for you.

    And if you look here you'll see that there are in fact no members of the 700 RBI club. You are, however, the only member of the 695 RBI club
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