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    The 77-78 and 98-99 yanks were the last two great teams to win back to back rings. For fun which is a better team?

    77-78 98-99
    1st- Chambliss Martinez
    2nd Willie Chuck
    SS Dent Jeter
    3rd Nettles Scott
    Catcher Munson Joe G & Prosada
    LF Curtis Louuuuuuuuuuu
    CF Rivers Bernie
    RF Reggie Paulie
    DH Gamble Straw - Davis
    Ace Giddrey Cone
    Closer Goose Mo
    Coach Martin Joe
    Chem Bad Great

    My vote
    1st- Chambliss -clutch hitter
    2nd Willie - no need to explain
    SS Jeter - Not just a pretty boy
    3rd Nettles - last great 3rd basemen
    Lasorda still has dreams
    Catcher Munson - the captain
    LF Louuuuuuuu- mr clutch and hustle
    CF Bernie - more than just speed
    RF Reggie - Paule doesn't have a candy bar
    DH Staw-Davis - Not sure about this role in 77-78 so I go with Straw and Davis
    Ace Cone -Very close Cone for leadership and true big game pitcher
    Closer Mo - Very close Mo since George Brett never hit a HR off him
    Coach Joe-can also manage the boss
    Team Chemistry 98-99

    Tally 77-78 6
    98-99 7
    98-99 by 1 vote.

    To bad bosox fans can't have this kind of fun

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    damn this is tough...

    I can't do it... I love em both... The only clearcuts to me, is Reggie in right, bernie in center, jeter at short, Pinhead in left, nettles at thrid, Guidry as ace and super kool Brooklyn Joe as manager...

    I just cannot choose between Chamby and tino, willie and knobby, goose and mo...

    ahh the life of a yankees fan...

    a39, 26 in 2000

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    Ah, it's like being at a fancy buffet with all gourmet food...just don't know what to pick. I have to say I loved them all back then...and love them all today, for many, many different reasons.


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    Having had the pleasure to see both play, this is tough..imagine if they played each other....heres what I think, game one, after 374 innings of greeeaaaat baseball, the umpires call the game with the score 177 to 177....peanut sales hit all time record high, and sales of sox gear, well, one hat, sold becuase it started raining in the 278 inning and all yankee hats were sold out..

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    I would have to go with the 77-78 team. They were the first Yankees team that I followed religiously and this is when I got hooked. Go Ron!!!

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    NYY49...he was my favorite back then, too. I really miss him. Remember that game when he played in the outfield? I think Billy was manager then. Ah, yes, Billyball...how about the time he picked the lineup out of a hat?!!!


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    classic keed...


    26 in 2000

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    So this is where all the real baseball people are hiding.
    Good to see all the old names here.
    Chosing between the 77-78 Yanks and our
    boys now is like asking a Mother to choose a favorite child.
    Besides Having great pitching and position players.
    Both teams have the intangables to be special teams.
    Great middle bullpen and bench.
    1st.Tough-one. Tino- a better hitter

    2nd- Willie was smother by far, but Knoblouch can hit and is clutch, Knob by a hair.

    SS. Please!

    3rd. Love Scott, But Nettles is the man.

    lf. Got to love Lou and Roy White

    cf. Bern baby bern. Rivers was great though

    rf. THis is tougher then I would have thought. Jackson was Jackson. But how clutch is O'Neill? Paul is a better fielder by far. But Reggie always hit when he had to.But then again so does O'Neill. He's my favorite so I'm taking Paul.

    DH. THe mix of Gamble, Chili, Straw,and Cliff Johnson. I''ll take Straw and Chili

    Guidry as the ace. Cone is great as well.
    But guidry was special
    Goose was awesome but I've never seen anyone as lights out as Rivera.
    Talk about splitin hairs


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    I remember when Guidry played the outfield. He was an awesome fielding pitcher. Like a "cat on the mound" the Scooter used to say. Maybe on Old Timer's Day the 77-78 team should play the current team a couple of innings.

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    As you can tell by my handle, I have a soft spot in my heart for the 77-78 Yanks. That was the team I grew up with as a kid. Thurman Munson was and is my favorite Yankee of all-time. Someone mentioned something about the 77-78 Yanks lacking chemistry. You obviously never saw that team play if you believe that. That team was amazing and unique in the fact that although you had a team that was not very friendly to one another off the field, on it they loved each other. They were mentally the best team I have ever seen. To any Yankee fans who are too young to remember that team, I suggest you read Sparky Lyle's "The Bronx Zoo". You'll be amazed at what kind of circus atmosphere that team had to perform in.

    Not to say I love the latest edition of the Yanks any less, because they are the greatest baseball team I have seen in my lifetime. Period. 125-50 season has never been done before or since in the history of the game! A 12 game winning streak in World Series play, 3 World Title in the last 4 years. It doesnt get much more dominant than that.

    Heres my picks by position:

    C) Munson vs Posada/Girardi
    Winner: MUNSON ; called as good a game behind the plate as any catcher from any era.
    Excellent hitter, was clutch and was the leader of that team on and off the field.

    1B) Chambliss vs Martinez
    Winner: MARTINEZ ; Chris was more cluth than Tino is but Tino swings a more dangerous bat he's and very under-rated defensively.

    2B) Randolph vs Chucky
    Winnner: RANDOLPH ; Willie was more reliable defensively, and was a great table setter for Thurman, Reggie, Sweet Lou, Nettles, and co.

    SS) Dent vs Jeter
    Winner: JETER ; I'll never forget Bucky's dinger off Torrez, but were comparing the poor guy to Jeter here! Jeter by light-years!!

    3b) Nettles vs Brosius
    Winner: NETTLES ; I love Scotty but Nettles is the greatest 3rd baseman the Yankees have ever had. He should be in the Hall Of Fame! Its a travesty.

    RF) Jackson vs O'Neill
    Winner: NONE! ; This one is the toughest pick. As I'm typing this I'm divided on this. Reggie was Mr. October. No onearose to the occasion like Reggie did in post-season action. But Paulie is much better defensively. Paulie is so much more consistent too. On a day to day basis I would take O'Neill. In a money game I'll take Reggie.

    CF) Rivers vs Williams
    Winner: WILLIAMS ; Rivers was the catalyst of that team but Bernie is the backbone of this team. Bernie's game is much more balanced.

    Winner: WHITE/PINIELLA ; Better hitters, more dependable not to mention when Sweet Lou was hot, he used to hit ropes 9 times out of 10.

    I keep seeing Oscar Gamble's name mentioned but he wasnt even a part of the 77-78 team! He came over in the trade that sent Mickey Rivers to Texas in 1979. Piniella, Johnson, White and Reggie would alternate at DH. The 98-99 Yanks have had a revolving door at DH too so a comparison is unfair.

    PITCHING) Very similar. Cone is this team's Catfish Hunter in so many ways. Think about it. Both teams were blessed with great closers. When Goose was on his game, he was simply awesome to watch. Could blow away 3 hitters on 9 pitches and make it look like a serious mis-match. Lyle won the Cy Young in '77 and was unique in the sense that his arm was so resilient. Could come in and pitch 4 innings, and go out the next night and pitch another 3 or 4! Today if a closer goes more than 2 innings, he's on the shelf for the next game. Mariano is more consistent though. Goose used to make me nervous sometimes, Mo never does. When he takes the mound in the 9th inning, its like money in the bank.

    Ron Guidry was the best ace between both teams. His '78 season was the best of any Yankee starter ever. I miss Gator.

    The 77-78 Yanks had better bullpen balance as a whole, but the 98-99 Yanks have a deeper starting rotation.

    WOW!! THIS WAS LONG!! Sorry! This was a tough topic, but enjoyable.

    Good to sse you here KGBlues! I'm "Thor" from Dom Fontana's anarchy board! LOL! Say, wasnt he the Dick Clark wannabe from "Grease"??


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    THE 70'S teams were great, I cannot choose between these two teams, but I tell you what GUIDRY WAS THE MAN!


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