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    I had the leasure of sitting in Dr. Bobby Brown's box seats on the third base side when Jim Abbott threw his no hitter against the indians. When Carlos Baerga grounded out to Velarde for the final out I was needless to say in my glory. Great experience I will not ever forget!

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    Jim F
    That is so awesome! I'm sure you will cherish that memory for the rest of your life. I was at both of the recent PG's, so I know the feeling that you had!

    Thanks for sharing that with us!

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    What a great story Jim Abbott was, to over come all the adversity and pitch a no-hitter in the Majors! It must of been a thrill to be there in person.

    You were at BOTH perfect games? How lucky can one person get?! I was listening to the Cone PG on the internet. What a day that was with Yogi and Don Larson in the Stadium. The NEXT day I ordered a satelite dish and MSG so I could watch the Yanks. I'm looking forward to this years perfect game.

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