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    How to meet your Favorite Yankee player?

    I have been trying so hard to get one of the yankee players Jorge Posada to meet my daughter. She is really such a fan. What do I do?

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    Hmmm - this is so easy.

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    Be real, real lucky...

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    Windy good luck.

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    Write him a letter saying she's dying of some wasted disease.

    Ok, that's not really funny at all, I know (though it worked on Saved by the Bell).

    Seriously, though, if you really want to meet a ballplayer, try attending a Yankee game when they're in a ballpark other than Yankee Stadium -- preferrably one out in the boonies where there are less fans in the ballpark. (For instance, the Metrodome.) I've heard they're a lot better about allowing fans close to the field during batting practice and before/after the game, and if you're cheering for the visiting team, you'll probably stand out a little more.
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    Luck and lots of it.

    Your best bet is at away games though, like Penguin said.

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    Bring a gift. Earlier this year (at TB, I think), camera during pregame showed him jogging away from stands with a giftbag.

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    Originally posted by backstop20
    Bring a gift. Earlier this year (at TB, I think), camera during pregame showed him jogging away from stands with a giftbag.
    With your daughter inside, that way she will get to see his locker and the inside of the Yankees clubhouse...

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    Originally posted by noodle
    LMFAO! My thoughts exactly! haha!

    Remember when Jack stalked Kevin Bacon on Will and Grace? He had a PC term for stalker but I forget what it was. That was too funny!

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    much easier if he winds up being traded (ok my success has been since last July with my favorite player). Seriously they beef up security at ballparks when the Yankees are in town.

    That being said, there's a couple ways. It is much easier on the road considering I have never seen the Yankees signing autos during BP like other teams do. You can go to the pressgate before or after the game at any ballpark. At Yankee Stadium, you don't have much luck with autos, but there's usually one or 2 (Yankee or opposing player) that wind up singing.

    Another thing to do is hit the road. You may meet them during BP there, but there's more options on the road than at home. Anotehr thing to do is find out what hotel the team stays at. I'm not sure about the Yankees, but I know otehr teams list that info in their media guide. Hang out at the lobby of the hotel. YOu won't be alone here, epsecially with the Yankees. THis is how many autograph collectors get their autos.

    And last but not least, consider autograph signings. You may have to pay to go, but you are guaranteed to meet him. Good luck


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    best way is to have field, side seats, and call him over, or catch him somewhere randomly, but the best way is through connections

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