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    ESPN article on Pedro's Comments

    All I wanna say is:

    1. "Georgie Porgie" and "Buy the whole league... fear for my heart" comments were inappropriate & melodramatic. The first, that was a taunt. He is incredibly immature. The second comment, it's a like he's a soap opera whore.

    2. He said, "He [Roger] was the one getting lit up..." in reference to Millar getting hit (presumably on purpose). However, the score was 0-0 when that happened, no?
    "He knew, as he went after that ball, that he had a decision to make," said Tony Clark, who watched the play unfold from first base. "Either you let the ball drop and try to minimize the damage, or you make the catch and pay the consequences. He knew that, no doubt about it, and he chose B."

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    Come on Alex, don't we have enough topics open on this?
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