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    Tough Break For The Commish

    As if the poor guy doesn't have enough trouble, AJ Burnett is out for the season. Somebody give Saxmania a hug!
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    From Yahoo :

    Marlins: Burnett to undergo elbow surgery

    by Fanball Staff - Fanball.com
    Tuesday, April 29, 2003

    Marlins starting pitcher A.J. Burnett will undergo elbow surgery Tuesday and could be lost for the season. Burnett was placed on the disabled list today after Dr. James Andrews discovered he had a torn ligament in his right elbow. "The surgery's going to address any ligament involvement," trainer Sean Cunningham told the Associated Press. "If Dr. Andrews decides that he needs 'Tommy John' surgery and reconstruction of the ligament, that's what's going to be done." Burnett spent a month on the disabled list last year and began this season on the DL with pain in his elbow.

    Tommy John surgery would end Burnett's season and any other type of elbow surgery would still keep him out for quite a while. Fantasy players need to start making alternate plans.

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    oooh that is harsh. Well, on the bright side Sax you did get JD Drew, I had a pending deal with him as well. Damn waiver priorities... LOL

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    So, my "three aces" offense:

    Mike Mussina: great. I love this guy.
    Roy Halladay: winless with an ERA near 5.
    A.J. Burnett: injured twice, out for season. I missed his only win.

    Excuse me while I step into a small room to scream very loudly:


    Okay, all better. Anyone want to predict a 0-22 record for me? Oh, and Chad Fox is injured, leaving me with a bullpen hole this week.

    Still, I'm first in my MLB.com salary league. At least I'm not utterly incompetent.

    Be seeing you,

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    So does that mean that you're willing to trade Mussina?

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    Seriously, it'll be ok. the good news is you're not an asshole!
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