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    When do Spring Training games start?

    When do the real spring training games begin? I have some time off coming to me and I'm thinking of going to Tampa for a few days to get a whiff of baseball and a warm sun at my back.

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    Thanks Carissa!

    It'd be very cool if I could hook up with other NYYFans people down there. Hmmm....

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    Feb. 27 is the home opener in Tampa and I will be there as I have season tickets down there? Cannot wait! I expect a ton of media with Hideki Matsui down there?

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    I'm trying to figure out when my exact dates will be. Maybe I'll see you there!

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    i dunno if it was announced yet.. but does anyone know when the first game's on the radio? since yeah.. i don't think i'm gonna be such much of the yankees on tv again this year.


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