I got to watch the premier of MLB's 2002 WS video at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Troy Glaus, Adam Kennedy, Brendan Donnelly, Mike Scioscia, Rex Hudler and about 300 other people were in the room. It was AMAZING!

A few things. Troy is HUGE. Kennedy is tiny. They all look like regular guys. The players were cheering and booing along with all the other people in the room.

Anyone who doesn't think defense doesn't count. The two biggest cheers I heard from the players were for a Scott Spezio catch and Barry's misplaying that ball in LF in Game 5.

BTW, Barry was such a great nemesis. He is absolutely menacing at the plate. You could feel the players' fear, awe and desire to beat Barry. I will be very sorry when he leaves the game. Without the Barry substory, this WS wouldn't have been half as great as it was.

That being said, the footage of the first round of the playoffs made me want to cry. The shots of Yankee Stadium, Jeter, Bernie's 3 run HR, Joe after the loss. And Troy Glaus was an a$$hole when I asked him for an autograph.

So :finger2: the Angles. Let's go Yankees in 2003. !!!