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    Devil Rays to honor Boggs at home opener
    March 15, 2000
    SportsLine.com wire reports

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Even though he spent just two years with Tampa Bay, the Devil Rays are retiring Wade Boggs' No. 12.

    A ceremony is planned for April 7, before the team's home opener against the Cleveland Indians.

    Boggs, 41, became the 23rd member of the 3,000-hit club when he homered off Cleveland's Chris Haney last Aug. 7 at Tropicana Field. He also hit the first home run in Devil Rays' history, hitting a solo shot off Detroit's Justin Thompson in Tampa Bay's inaugural game two years ago.

    The five-time AL batting champion hit .300 or better in 15 of 18 major league seasons, finishing with 3,010 hits and a .328 career batting average. He became a special assistant to general manager Chuck LaMar.

    Boggs becomes the 60th AL player to have his uniform retired and will hold the distinction of being the first in major league history to have No. 12 retired in his honor.

    The 12-time All-Star, who also played for the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, also will throw out the ceremonial first pitch for the home opener.


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    well if you think about it, it is their claim to fame...

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    That is pretty funny, but I guess they've got to start somewhere!!

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    Well, if the Tampa Bay Devil Rays still exist 10 years from now, this will have been a nice gesture....I guess......OH FOR PETE'S SAKE C'MON, WHO THE HEll DO THE DEVIL RAYS THINK THEY ARE, THE YANKEES? FOR CRIPES SAKE!!!? Retiring numbers, sheesh.......


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    As smr15 says, I guess they have to start somewhere and maybe that's their way of trying to lure Boggs into going into the HOF fame with their hat on, if and when that times comes. Ya never know!!


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    Throwing the first ball out makes sense.

    The number retirement seems silly in this case.

    Are the Rockies going to retire Charlie Hayes' number?

    Can you imagine how pissed Boston fans will be if Boggs goes into the hall of fame as a YANKEE or a Devil Ray ?!?!?!? They will be screaming in Boston.

    I think if Ted Williams had played half a season with the YANKEES at the end of his career he would gladly have gone into the hall as a YANKEE. He has since "made up" with Boston fans as the years have passed but he was never really appreciated by them when he played there.

    Being condemed to play for the redsox during their career is humiliation enough for any player. If they don't want to be imortalized in a bosox uiform I can't blame them.

    Boggs earned his parole from the redsox. He deserves to wear the hat of his choosing.

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    What can you say. Tampa Bay isn't that exciting to watch. They need to do something to give their fans something to be proud about.

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    Not only do they need something to make their fans proud, they need something to get a few people in the ballpark - attendance is way down. I guess they figure the retirement of Boggs' (a native of the area) number may at least boost attendance for one day.

    Wish 'em luck...

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    Devil Rays, And Boston.


    There is a difference between Clemens and Boggs. Boggs didn't give up 15 millions run to the other team. He gave his heart and soul into the game. Why the Yanks traded him? I have no idea. Clemens, well lets just say, "It is high is far is gone." Yea another grand slam off of Clemens sort of fastball. Come on people! The Yankees are the ones who deserve the honor to retire a future Hall Of Famer.

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    The Devil rays need to retire that ugly stadium they got first

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