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    So how 'bout them Knicks?

    "The only thing I know about baseball is that whatever the manager does is wrong" - Moe

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    Hey, how about those Sixers? It's the only Philly team that I even come close to rooting for, and the Doctor was largely responsible for that. Allen Rocker, oops I mean, Allen Iverson could learn some things from the great Doctor!

    27 in '01

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    Really, sports other than baseball???

    Drat, why does my other sport, NY Liberty basketball, have to happen in the middle of the Yankees season??? It is crazy from June to August. Oh yeah, the NBA plays at MSG in the winter.

    I casually follow the others at this time of year, mostly I like the downtime. I hope the Knicks play better than they did in their opener. I really liked the Jets in OT last week (I was surfing looking for baseball when I realized they'd come back from what I thought was certain defeat), but not the outcome against the Bills.

    Don't know much else at this point, so pls allow me the fun of just rooting for the NY teams!


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    Great! A forum where I can talk about my other great passion: horse racing!!!
    We cannot recapture the past, but sometimes it can recapture us -- if we are not careful. Thomas Sowell

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    "The only thing I know about baseball is that whatever the manager does is wrong" - Moe

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    WoW I like this but I am not really another sport fan. i love baseball and that it.

    I will watch the cowboys! Oh oops I meant their cheerleaders.

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    So how 'bout them Knicks?
    yeah, baby! i didn't even have to wait 'till the post season to get my knicks forum this time!.... well, ok, it's not only for the knicks. and it's not exactly 'mine,' lol.

    i just hope they live up to last year. and beyond. they can do it w/out patrick, right?
    um, right?


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    Great idea Jim.
    #1PaFan, Iverson will shoot you in, and he will shoot you OUT ! Philly needs another body or 2.
    The Knicks WILL win this Mourning less division.

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