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    RHP Brett Jodie released

    The morning papers listed RHP Brett Jodie as being released by the Yanks. He was injured (shoulder) most of the season. This does not open a roster spot, as he was on the DL. However, it appears that his time with the Yanks is done.

    This could be the first of many such moves. As the new agreement taxes on all 40 man roster players, the Yanks may seek to reduce the number of repeat year 40 man players, as they get a higher salary and split contracts that pay more. I would think this is probably the end of the line for players like Knight, Tessmer, Field and the like on the 40 man.

    I would also think that as transportation and other costs are considered, teams like the Yanks will be more judicious with calling players up and sending them back down multiple times in one year. I also think it may lead to more open spaces on the 40 man roster. I think we may be moving toward teams only using 37-38 spots in order to limit the minor league cost ad-ons.

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    Yanks may also

    look to either release or trade Christian Parker & Randy Keisler.

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    OK, maybe I am missing out on something here but how exactly at these guys who make the minimum the reason for out luxury tax figure? Don't dump guys like Jodie and Keisler. Stop giving out millions to Adrian Hernandez and Andy Morales. I don't see why they gave up on Jodie last year. He was a solid prospect a year ago and was the best starter on Columbus until he was traded (then waived and picked up again). One injury and he's gone.

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    The Yankee Scouts said he had little potential, a fourth starter on an an average team....at best .

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