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    Interesting scouting report....

    Might as well phrase this in the form of a trivia question, since you guys seem to like that, and it facilitates a bit more activity. I was looking through an old Yankee yearbook and here's what they had to say about this guy early on in his baseball career. For the sake of not giving anything away and to keep you guys guessing perhaps a little longer, I've omitted dates and a few proper nouns. But here's what the yearbook had to say about him:

    "He may be only 22 years old, but this hard-hitting firstbaseman/outfielder has four pro seasons under his belt. Is he ready for the big leagues yet? Maybe. One thing is for sure: [this player] has ransacked pitchers at every level he's played in -- starting with Oneonta -- and he can hit, hit, hit...
    The 6-0, 175-pounder [last] season with Columbus, batting .315, with ten homers and 75 RBI, which indicates the kind of consistent hitter he's been.
    Signed as a 19th round draft pick after his senior year at High School, [this guy] proceeded to rack up some impressive numbers. Perhaps his finest all-around campaign so far came when he hit a league-leading .358 for Greensboro (with nine homers and 105 RBI) and was named the South Atlantic League's MVP.
    [He] spent the final weeks of the [previous] season in a Yankee uniform, and seems destined to be a major leaguer soon."

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    Don Mattingly

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    That sure is Donnie.
    Interestingly I've read other scouting reports that said he was too slow and couldn't hit for enough power - they were much earlier on than this one

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    You gave it away with the hint

    19th round. That was the great Don`s trademark, pretty good for a 19th round pick. Who sez you have to be a number 1 to become a super star.

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    I figured you guys were so good you'd get it right away. Yes, it was Donnie Baseball, taken straight from the 1983 Yankee yearbook, where they still had him listed as #46!

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