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    Was anyone else TOTALLY bothered and distracted by those idiots with the drums at the game last night? I don't know how the hell Pettite was able to ignore it. I could barely watch the game. Why do they have drums in Oakland anyway? It's not like they're indians of any sort (Indians, Braves) - they're the "Athletics" - what do drums beating in successive rhythmic cadences have anything to do with that. Wanna know what I think - they're trying to copy the "bleacher creatures" from the Bronx....in quite a sorry fashion I might add.

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    Hey Marrymejeter,

    I was out there on Tuesday and last night and that all I heard in my row and all around the park.I make me sick...
    But we won and that is ok with me!!!!!! I agree the A's bleacher will never be like the Yanks!!!!!

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    It drove me crazy the whole game. It sounded like a football game to me. I'm glad were home again and don't have to listen to it anymore. I'll take the roll call anyday!!!

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    Yeah Drums and Sirens (were at another visiting stadium) Drive Me To Lower the Sound!!!!!
    If Its That Bad on TV It must be worse at their Stadium!


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    Uhhhh...those drums drove me crazy!!! They can really get on your nerves ~ * ~ BIG TIME ~ * ~ !!

    Well, here's hoping that we won't have to go back there and be subjected to that annoyance again!!

    Looking to win the next 2 at home and not having to return. Keeping all my fingers and toes Xed!!

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    Please. I tune it out after the second inning.
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    I tune it out too... That reminds me, we had a band festival yesterday and when they said "The award for best percussion goes to" I said "The guys from Oakland!!" LOL! Any how, we didn't win the award... Of course not, our percussionists are dumb! LOL!

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    The drums routine made Oakland look like a low class operation. Man, the As players and their fans deserve a better show than that nonsense!!! Inviting carnies to the game with some drums that they stole from a high school marching band was a BAD idea in the extreme. I could have tolerated some sort of kissing bandit gimick, a dancing indian, or a stumbeling chicken but the drums might have been the worst attempt "making a statement" that I have ever seen in MLB. Even the silly atlanta chop would be music next to those cursed drums.

    In YANKEE stadium security would be inviting them to leave ASAP !!!

    In Fenway they would be too drunk to care.

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