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Yeah, that's pretty much what I meant. And status probably wasn't the best word. I meant how you're a 'NYYF Legend' and I'm a "Devoted Member'. I know that title has switched automatically.
I hadn't even noticed that "NYY Legend" thingy. It's like me looking at the carpet or bare floor when I get inside and never noticing it.

I don't know how many posts one has to get to go from one title change to another. It happens automatically, since I don't remember seeing anything under one's user options (located in the same area where you create & read private messages) that affects this.

As I reply, you have 778 posts and five (5) 's, while I have too many posts to mention and ten (10) 's. I figure (wild guess, obviously) that once you hit 1,000 posts, you may reach the "NYY Legend" thingy also. If not, then just enjoy yourself here.