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    Will The Top two Boras clients drop to #71 in the June draft.

    That`s when the Yankees have their first pick. Bobby Brownlie of Rutgers pre season # 1 has Biceps Tendinitis, top teams may shy away.Before the injury he was timed at 94-97 with a sharp curve, now at 89, last start failed to record a strikeout.He`s looking for big bucks, Another right hander Chad Blasko high on the gun at 95, range 89-93, has a stiff arm, he also maybe available when the Yankees pick?

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    Screw Scott Boar-ass. I say we avoid his clients to so the fall to the third round. Maybe this will send a message to these stiff armed pitchers who care more about the money than getting an opportunity to play ball. I want the best available player period.

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