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    Good Luck Lou Pinella!!!

    Well that's a first!!--I never thought I 'd say that!--Anyway yes I do hope Boston gets swept this weekend ---I do-why lie?

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    Good luck Sweet Lou! Have a great series!

    Whew ... that's SO much easier to say than "Good luck Seattle!"

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    Once a Yankee, always a Yankee, I always say!!! (w/the exception of Wohlers & Witasuck, of course)

    Anywho, play your "small ball" to its finest!!! If you get smacked around this weekend, don't go bringing Garcia and Moyer this way again when you play us.

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    Good luck M's!!!

    We know your bullpen is undermanned, but hopefully we will be able to see Bret Boone do that stupid bat-flipping thing lots of times in this series!

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