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    Will Kendry Morales be the next Cuban to Defect?

    El Duque`s old team the Industriales has a 18 year old rookie third sacker, switch hitter with power who is comparable to the great Cuban third sacker Omar Linares.
    If by some chance he were to defect, do you think the Yanks should sign him? Don`t forget the experience with one Andy Morales.

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    I think they view

    Drew Henson as the third baseman of the future. And they still have Camacho and Corporan...

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    That's true, but

    When a team has a virtually unlimited budget, there is nothing wrong with stockpiling talented assests, even if it's for the purpose of trading them at some point in the future. OTOH, Henson's presence might disuade Morales from signing with the Yankees.

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    Ive herd of this kid before and also heard he can pitch and has one hell of an outfield arm. Some Cuban scouts say he's the best young talent they have ever seen.

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