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    Johnny Mize and Nick Johnson

    Today, was the first time this year that I was able to see the Yanks and when Johnson came to the plate with the number 36 on his back, for some reason I thought of the Big Cat, Johnny Mize who played for NY in the early 50's. I believe he wore number 36 and of course was a Hall of Famer as a lst baseman for both the Cards, and the Yanks. Let's hope Johnson has a similar career. Do any of you old timers on this board remember Mize and have the same feelings?

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    Of course I remember big John.

    I remember especially a game in the 50's when my dad took me to a game and we sat in the RF grandstands. John hit a hell of a stot in BP that hit the upper deck railing just in front of where I was standing. I didn't get the ball, but at least I was still alive.

    IF NJ could have one tenth of the career that Big John had than we all will be satisfied.

    But I have a feeling that NJ will have a Kiner/Mize career.


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    Sixty one

    Johnny Mize played for the Yanks 1949-53.Yanks were famous for picking up NL retreads, they added Johhny Hopp in the 1950 season.
    Mize, the Big Cat was a great hitter in his day Mize Homered in games 3 4 & 5 of the 1952 Worls Series at Yankee stadium vs Dem Bums.
    Mize also had put in some time with the Jints.

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    And he was a distant

    cousin of... BABE RUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! While Nick the Stick is just a nephew to Larry Bowa. Nick the Stick has an incredible opportunity...

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