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    Crazy predictions for next year

    Here's a little fun:
    The Mariners will trade Ichiro for some Pokemon and go on to win 126 regular season games, then get swept in the first round of the playoffs. Ichiro will hit .278 with the team from Celadon City.
    MLB will expand instead of contract. Craig Counsell will go to the new team and lead them to a championship in their 1st season.
    The Red Sox will trade Rich Garces for Randy Johnson. In a late season game at Fenway, the Unit will come out of the pen to face the Yanks in a tie game in the 9th inning. The winner of the game will clinch the AL East. Johnson gives up 8 straight hits and the Yanks win.
    Curt Schilling will win 24 games for the Chicago White Sox, then get hurt in his first playoff start.
    A-Rod will have a 60-60 season, but the Rangers will still finish in last place.
    In an interleague game at Coors, Mike Hampton will defeat the Rangers, 31-22. Hampton gives up 13 runs in 5 innings but hits 2 grand slams to get the win.
    Jimy Williams leads the Astros to a division title, but a fight breaks out in the clubhouse and the team loses in the first round of the playoffs again.
    Cal Ripken will come out of retirement just to have another self-serving farewell tour.
    Bret Boone of the Philadelphia Phillies wins the NL MVP, leading the team to a division title. But he goes 0-for-20 in his team's win over the Astros.
    And a not-so-crazy one:
    Jason Giambi hits 45 homers and drives in 156 runs in his first season as a Yankee.
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    I like the last two predictions
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