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    Cleveland Plain Dealer headline

    All across the nation, and defintely on ESPN, sportswriters expressed their shock at the Mariners' opening loss at home to the Tribe. They couldn't believe that the "greatest team ever" could fall behind this early.
    But what was the headline on the 1st page of the sports section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer?
    "One down, two to go"
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    Best part: they beat the M's at home, they can do it again. They play two games at the Jake after tonight!

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    Go Cleveland, Go Cleveland!

    Man, would I LOVE to see the M's lose in the first round. Then all that, "but they've won 116 games" talk won't be worth a hill of beans.
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    Clever, Clever. keep it up Tribe.

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    Originally posted by SkooterPhil#10
    Best part: they beat the M's at home, they can do it again. They play two games at the Jake after tonight!
    The best part about it is that if they get swept, the 2-day Jake series would be their second road loss, after the A's spanked them at the Oakland-Alameda.
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    GO TRIBE!!

    Mariners' fans have been profoundly arrogant smack-talking idiots this year.

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