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    I hope the Yankees resigned Ichiro ...

    It's never about what you know, it's who you know ..... and who's willing to help you to get where you want to be.

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    Re: I hope the Yankees resigned Ichiro ...

    classy guy
    The real reason why the Yankees keep winning is cause the other team can't stop staring at the damn pinstripes

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    Re: I hope the Yankees resigned Ichiro ...

    Class act all the way.

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    Re: I hope the Yankees resigned Ichiro ...

    That's great. I consider this even better than when Michael Jordan gave Spike Lee his sneakers when Air scored 55 points (the double-nickel) at MSG one time. One of the highest scored, but Bernard King had previously scored 60, and Kobe once scored 61 there.

    Amy was a far less famous fan than Spike, not a well-known superfan who is known far outside of his sports fandom, which IMO makes this even more special.

    BTW, it's "re-signed", whereas "resigned" is what Nixon did.
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    Re: I hope the Yankees resigned Ichiro ...

    That's awesome. Ichiro has very cool handwriting.
    In Cashman I trust.
    Players come and go, flags fly forever.

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